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Advantages of Cutting Steaks out of Boneless Roast

There are many advantages of cutting steaks out of roasts. One of the biggest reasons for cutting steaks out of roasts is price. You can buy a whole roast for cheaper than you can buy the same poundage of steaks. If you shop around, you can find roasts on sale in different stores to save you even more money. Price per pound of meat that is cut into large chunks is less costly than when the butcher has to spend the time to cut the meats down smaller. Butchers also do not have to pay for equipment used to make steak cuts or even ground meat.

The next advantage to cutting steaks out of roasts is being able to make the cuts you want. You can make them thicker or thinner depending on your preference. You can also make a variety of cuts to suit different individual´s wants. If some prefer the thinner cuts while a couple prefer the thicker cuts, then you have the option to cut them all out of the same roast. You can cut smaller steaks for children or breakfast steaks out of the same roast and for the same meal. This can create endless possibilities when cutting your roast up as opposed to spending the time to look for the different cuts of steaks to meet your needs.

You can also find some better cuts of meat out of roasts than you could buying the steaks already cut. Roasts that are well marbled and possibly tender are sometimes easier to find than steaks cut the same way. You can even look for roasts that are bigger or smaller, flatter or more rounded to make steaks in the sizes you want.You even have the option of marinating a roast to make the meat more flavorful and get it more uniform than steaks that you marinate.

Roasts are less likely to have a lot of bone in them. You can cut a nice boneless steak out of roasts. You also do not pay for the bone in the weight of the meat when buying a boneless roast. This in turn saves you more money since you are not wasting your money on paying for the bone you throw out in the garbage. You also tend to avoid excessive amounts of fat and grizzle when cutting your steaks out of roasts. Roasts tend to be the parts of the animal that are more meaty and less fatty parts.