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Mushroom Risotto Italian Cooking

Wild Mushroom Risotto Decadent and creamy, Risotto is one of the most common ways of preparing rice in Italy. It’s also a rich and delicate alternative to pasta, filling enough for a main dish and when prepared correctly, bursting with flavor. Originating in North Italy, specifically Eastern Piedmont, Western Lombardy, and the Veneto where rice […]

How Do I Get A Blister?

Your close friend has been talking about her cousin who has been suffering from blisters. You have been told of the horror that come with having it and that even if it can come as just one small blister, the discomfort and the pain that come with it is more than just having one of […]

Recipes Red Beans and Rice

Red beans and rice can be served as a meal by itself or as a side dish either way this recipe is quick and easy to make. Ingredients 3 cans red kidney beans 2 cups white rice (cooked) 1 onion (diced) 2 jalapeno peppers (diced) 1/2 pound salt pork 2 tablespoons of oil 2 cups […]

Easy way of Making Risotto

The method of cooking perfect risotto results in a creamy rice, with each grain separate and still firm to the bite. Its preparation is not difficult, just time consuming. Fifteen to twenty minutes of the cook’s time must be devoted to gently stirring the rice, but it is well worth every minute. The hot liquid […]

Recipes Grilled Vegetable Pasta

Whole Wheat Pasta with Grilled Vegetables: I love using leftover vegetables and sauces to make delicious healthy pasta dishes. This one is one of my favorites. It is rich in flavor and color, and is perfect to celebrate the coming of spring! Enjoy with a nice glass of wine and crusty bread for dinner. Or […]

Fish Seafood Recipes

This is for “makizushi”, which is the kind of sushi that comes in a little roll. Since there are so many variations to making sushi, including many atypical ingredients you might pick yourself like: bean sprouts or nuts or ketchup or maybe a piece of popcorn, this recipe is a guide to everything but how […]

How to Make Risotto

Risotto turns plain rice into something exquisite. Pure ambrosia. Unlike either basic rice or rice casserole, Risotto is rice heaven. Rice is Risotto’s key ingredient. While the dish can be made with regular white rice, Italian rice produces the best results. Most recipes call for Arborio since it is more readily available. However, either Arborio […]

How to Make Perfect Mexican Rice

This is an original recipe…..created and tested in the kitchen of La Casa Lynda! The road to making good rice has been a tough one. I made good rice that was kinda mushy…my husband would make decent rice, but still mushy…till he camped out in the kitchen of some Mexican friends and watched the women […]

Wine Tasting and Serving Etiquette

Have you ever had the pleasure of being a customer of a fine dining restaurant? The ambiance is divine, the smell is mouth watering, and the menu and wine list can prove to be somewhat intimidating. After deciding on entrees, a bottle of wine proves to be the next logical step. After much deliberation and […]

The Purpose and use of Fermentation Locks in Wine Making

Today governments decided taxing alcohol was a good idea for bringing in extra revenue men and women have defied the taxman and have brewed their own beer and wine. Anyone who has ever brewed wine would have either used a fermentation lock or know what one is. For those who are unfamiliar an explanation is […]

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