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How to make Risotto

Hardly any European country has such a rich culinary tradition as Italy. The hospitality and passion for food of Italian people is well known. If I think of cooking Italian food; I think of pleasure. I used to believe that the rice dish Risotto came from the province Lombardy but in fact it comes from Venetian, where people prepare hundreds of varieties of this dish.

Their favorites are Risotto with radices (radicchio), risotto with calamari (Sepia) together a with a variety of spring vegetable like carrots, celery, fresh peas, green beans, asparagus tips and hop sprouts (if available).

Unlike many other rice dishes served on our planet, Risotto is not dry cooked rice. It is a rich and creamy rice dish but still firm to bite (al dente), and with separate grains.

There are many ways how to make the perfect Risotto but there are only a couple of important key points everyone should keep in mind: You need the right type of the rice; high-starch , round medium grain
rice, best to be bought from an Italian grocery. You need a decent, hot broth. You must to use fresh herbs and sea salt.

For a RISOTTO PRIMAVERA for four people you should keep ready:

2 cups risotto rice

8 cups broth

1 onion, shopped

4 carrots

2 pieces of celery (shopped), if you like the test

cup fresh pies, shucked

cup green beans cut into short pieces

2 artichoke hearts, finely cubed

6 table spoons butter

salt and pepper

Parmesan cheese

Melt the butter in a large cooking pot, add the onions, and stew until soft. Add celery and carrots and braise for 3-5 minutes, mix in peas, beans, and artichokes. Sprinkle the washed risotto rice into the mixture and stir until the rice is covered evenly by butter.

Lower the temperature of your oven. Now take a little time off, stand by your stove and enjoy making your risotto. Pour the hot broth you had kept aside with a soup ladle over the rice.

Wait until all liquid is absorbed – add more broth again and wait, and add and wait, and add and wait. After ten minutes put in the asparagus; after 20 minutes your risotto dish should be al dente.

Now it is time to eat. Remove your risotto from the oven; add some Butter and Parmesan cheese, mix well. Serve hot at once. Really, it is that simply. You only have to exercise a little patient for standing by in your kitchen. If you leave your kitchen, you might end up with a burned risotto. I am sure your dish will be a success and soon be a favorite on your table. Relax for 20 minutes while you are waiting to pour the ladle of broth into the pot, and you may think of another variation of the dish with different vegetables. Here one more recipe to try; with less butter, olive oil, minced meat and wine.

RISOTTO alla sarda

2 cups risotto rice

4 cups of broth

1 onion, shopped

2 cups minced meat (the mixture you prefer)

2 cups tomatoes fresh, shopped

3 table spoons wine

3 table spoons of butter

6 table spoons of olive oil

salt and pepper

Pecorino cheese